Year Artist Title Type Service
2019 Snareset With A Spark Album M
2019 Rowan Oak Hope And Ruin EP E/M
2018 Hal Johnson Split w/ Screw Houston EP M
2018 Great Escapes Shivers And Shipwrecks EP E/M
2017 City Light Thief Death Trip Single M
2016 Sublevel Borders EP M/MA
2016 The Mourning Post Self Titled EP MA
2016 Idle Class Foundations (Kate Nash Cover) Single E/M
2016 Rivershores Dizzy Lows Album CP/E
2015 Adam Angst Professoren (Live) Single M
2015 Idle Class Of Glass And Paper Album CP/E/M
2014 The Tourist Love Will Find You Album P/E/M/MA
2014 Martin Wolfsburden Without You Single MA
2014 Idle Class Split w/ Fights And Fires Split CP/E/M/MA
2013 Notions Self Titled EP E/M/MA
2013 Bambi Egotrip EP CP/E/M
2013 Genepool Rope/Sometimes Single CP/E/M
2013 City Light Thief Vacilando Album CP/E/M
2012 Glaciersbay Better Days Ahead EP E/M
2012 Lavatch Out Of Control EP E/M/MA
2012 Kilians Dirty Love (Acoustic) Single MA
2012 EAIS Untitled EP MA
2012 Bambi Vielleicht Single CP/E/M
2012 Marcus Wiebusch Visions Compilation Compilation MA
2012 City Light Thief The Music Of Chance EP P/E/M
2011 Fulsome Grade Helios EP EP E/M/MA
2011 Supermutant FRVR Album CP/E/M
2011 Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Demo Demo E/M
2011 Thoughts Paint The Sky Nicht Mal Mehr Wir Selbst Album CP/E/M
2011 Bedrooms Bedrooms EP EP CP/E/M/MA
2011 vs. Rome EP EP CP/E/M
2011 Tobias Licht Demo Demo E/MA
2011 Bedrooms Demo Demo CP/E/M/MA
2011 Supermutant Demo Demo CP/E/M
2011 Alkali Lake Somehow Diplomatic Demo CP/E/M
2011 City Light Thief Punkt.Aus?Ende! Video Video E/M
2010 Dread The Rapture The Drains Single E/M
2010 Alkali Lake Decapitating Letterheads EP MA
2010 The Tourist We Live, We Doubt, We Scream, We Shout Album P/E/M
2010 City Light Thief Laviin Album P/E/M


I am/was on the road with

Adam Angst
Captain Planet
City Light Thief
Death Letters
Idle Class
Pupkulies & Rebecca
Retro Stefson
Smile And Burn
The Stanfields
Torpus & The Art Directors

I also worked for the following…


Die Werkstatt, Cologne (GER)

Blue Shell, Cologne (GER)

Sonic Ballroom, Cologne (GER)

Skater’s Palace, Muenster (GER)

Sputnikhalle, Muenster (GER)


Vainstream (GER), Horst Festival (GER), Uncle M Festival (GER),

Midsummer Festival (GER), Hohenholte Rockt! (GER)


AE Rental, Riot Games, RenTour, Kingstar, Sparta Booking